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    Amazon Christmas shopping - £50 gift vouchers on offer

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    It's that time of year again when I try to encourage you to do as much of your Christmas shopping at Amazon, clicking via the link you'll find on every NSC page.

    For the unenlightened, the reason I do this is simple: NSC gets a small amount of cash from every purchase made this way.

    To try and encourage you to do this, as was the case in previous years, I'll give cash prizes back to 4 purchases drawn at random from NSC's affiliate reporting. Assuming similar purchasing levels as previous years, I will aim to return £200 in this way in the form of £50 Amazon gift vouchers.

    All orders made at Amazon via the NSC link from 1st November 2016 to 31st December 2016, inclusive, will qualify for the prize draw.

    Early in the New Year, I will select 4 items at random from NSC's Amazon Affiliates report, and if you are able to claim the purchase by emailing me the purchase notification from Amazon, a £50 gift voucher will be yours.

    I'll post purchases here periodically as it helps provides gift ideas to others and can also be quite amusing, on occasion.

    Click here: Shop at Amazon

    Stuck for ideas? Amazon Christmas Gift Guide

    Additionally, you may want to consider a no-cost Amazon Prime trial before you dive into your shopping. It will ensure your shopping gets to you speedily. Although I wouldn't recommend this approach, I can vouch for ordering via Amazon Prime on December 23rd last year, with my delivery arriving on Christmas Eve, just in time for the big day.

    Click here: Amazon Prime Free Trial


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