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    The affects ot COVID and economic performance will vary across countries in any event, some countries industries will be more resilient to the effects of lockdown, in some respect this is why the EU will always fail when faced with a crisis like COVID.

    If this gas crisis is the next one for the EU the risks are clear to see…….some countries will need to share surplus with others, and at a time when energy prices are soaring. EU politicians/technocrats can talk about EU solidarity all they like, that doesn’t cut it locally when the shit hits the fan.

    By the way I hope they do find a way through it, the U.K. won’t be unaffected, our politicians however now know all too well that they can’t offset the blame for getting it wrong. As it should be.
    I'm sure all those who are going to suffer from our economic shitstorm over the next few years, significant parts of which have been exacerbated or caused by Brexit, will be re-assured by that.

    Just lucky that yourself and your fellow Brexiteers managed to get us Johnson and Truss/Sunak to manage our way through it


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