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    Quote Originally Posted by A1X View Post
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    Weird how since that happened we've seen more and more boats in the channel from France, isn't it?

    Let's see if you can add 2 to 2 successfully here. I'm not counting on it.
    I expressly heard the statement "we must leave the EU to control our borders"

    Another Brexit falsehood.

    Why aren't Brexiters angry at being misled?

    The result of putting trust in charlatans, liars and snake oil salesmen coming home to roost. It's all downhill from here

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      I see the only 2 Brexit voters desperate enough to still post on here since the inception of the Gammon Pit and this thread being thrown into the middle of it to sink to the bottom are Ppf coupled with his fellow simple and like minded friend JCFG.

      I'll assume it's just links to right wing websites, frothing at the mouth about migrants and foreigners, inane sneering, plus the regurgitation of meaningless 3 word soundbites with zero substance being posted by them that I'm missing.

      What a dilettantish double act and proper pair of Charlies though - they're not so much the Chuckle Brothers as the Knuckle Brothers.
      Each to his choice, and I rejoice the lot has fallen to me
      In a fair ground-in a fair ground -
      Yea, Sussex by the sea!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Randy McNob View Post
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      Why aren't Brexiters angry at being misled?
      Many don't yet believe they have been.
      Others realise they have but are now too dug in to admit it.
      Yet more know it but don't care as long as the Remainers are upset (even though hardly any of them are).

      Am I watching Brighton or Barcelona?

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