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    I really couldn't have summed it up better

    Whisper it, but it was the folly of Brexit that paved the way for Truss’s crazy libertarian zeal

    Whisper it – this is where Brexit has inexorably led. A democratic vote has transmuted into a rightwing coup, culminating in a destructive libertarian programme, an attempt to shrink a state the right considers bloated, to eliminate the last remnants of regulation, to try to drive taxes down, however vital to sustain public services. All in the name of “liberating enterprise” and forcing “self-reliance” on what the Brexit right consider a lazy, cushioned workforce. The line from Brexit to last week’s debacle is straight and obvious.

    There really can't be many more pennies left to drop as to what this whole thing was about, can there ? Farage to Johnson to Truss to this
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