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    Labour Party Conference

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    Our leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has made the following statement.

    "I am honoured to have won the votes of thousands of members and supporters who have given me the second mandate in a year to lead our party.

    I will do everything I can to repay that trust and support to bring our party together - to make it an engine of progress for our country and the people who depend on Labour.

    Always remember that in our party, we have much more in common than that which divides us.

    We are now the largest political party in western Europe. Our new members are now part of a nationwide movement who can now take our message into every community in the country to win support for the election of a Labour government.

    Now is the time for all of us to focus every ounce of our energy on exposing and defeating the Tories and the damage they are doing to our country. Theresa Mayís government isnít a new government - itís David Cameronís government repackaged but threatening to take the country backwards and dithering as we face the historic challenges of Brexit.

    Together, arguing for the real change this country needs, I have no doubt that Labour can win the next election whenever Theresa May decides to call it - and form the next government.

    My responsibility as Labour leader is to unite this party. And itís also the responsibility of the whole party to work together and respect the democratic choice that has been made.

    Labour is a party brimming full of ideas - of talent and creativity - and so is Britain. Unleashing that potential is the job of all of us.

    Letís work together for real change."
    The BHAFC forum is utter shite. They literally talk about everything except their own football club on there.

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