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    'I sold three new [plastic] fivers for £460' on Ebay'

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    .A collector who sold three new plastic £5 notes for £460 on the Ebay internet auction site says he will reinvest the money in his hobby.
    Alan Scrase said finding the polymer fivers with consecutive AA01 serial numbers was "the luck of the draw".
    The 52-year-old struck the jackpot after visiting a bank branch shortly after a delivery of new fivers - on the day after the launch date.
    He had failed to get any of collector value on the first day of issue.

    "I did not get them on 13 September - the first day - but it was just by sheer chance that I went to the bank the next day and they had just got them in," he said.
    "You just go in your bank and ask for them. I got a few."

    Big surprise there then Alan Scrase. Smarter bank employees at smaller bank branches skimmed most of them off first on Day One. Fact.
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