"It was looking so rosy, and we let it slip." - Andy Ritchie, former Albion striker

Greetings all,

Spencer Vignes here; long time Albion fan, sports writer and author, the guy who leads on the retro part of the match day programme ably assisted by Ian Hine.

As some of you will be aware, the retro section of 'Seagull' this season is focusing on the impending 20th anniversary of the Goldstone's demise. Each edition of the magazine sees us zero in on a particularly memorable campaign from our time at the old place, with a former player also taking part in a question and answer piece (Huddersfield Town, for instance, was 1979/80 with Peter Suddaby answering the questions).

Now one or two of you have been badgering me suggesting that it might be an idea to post advance notice on North Stand Chat of what's coming next, seeing as I tend to work on these things well in advance. That way people know what to expect and who my interviewee is. So I thought 'Fair play, why not?'

That in mind, in the Barnsley edition of 'Seagull' we'll be remembering the 1981/82 season and putting Andy Ritchie on our Q&A hotspot. Feel free to share any memories you might have of that season here, those of you north of 45 years old. A bit of a strange one, 81/82 - some fantastic results and our highest ever league finish (13th in what is now the Premier League), yet falling attendances and widespread discontent over manager Mike Bailey's supposed defensive tactics.

Details of future seasons & players to be featured in Seagull retro will appear between 36 and 48 hours before each home match throughout the remainder of the season.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the retro pieces - you can't appreciate the present unless you have an understanding of the past.

All the best,