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    Good folks of NSC.

    I came across this link on Facebook. I don't know the lad or his family but it seems a worthy cause to me.

    Let's see what we can do
    Inigo Calderon. You will be sorely missed but hopefully you will return before too long

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      It's quite sad isn't it that one players weekly wage would make a complete difference to the life of an aspiring footballer.

      Not a negative against the players, just the madness of the world that we live in.

      Skint until pay day but am sure I will be able to chip in, didn't REMF donate to something very similar recently?

      My only concern is that in a year or two there will be a new type of chair that is around and it will need to be provided again. It would be great if the club had a number of these chairs available for the guys (and girls I assume) to use while playing
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