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    Well the role of deputy is as a result of an election, not because JC chose him and as another poster alluded to, TW is more closely in tune with the position of the labour membership when it comes to Brexit.
    Yes of course and it allows a basis of alternative views. I agree with much of what TW says, but not the way he does it. Prescott didnít agree with TB all the time, but he never undermined him. With TW we have JC saying one thing on interview in the morning, and TW saying something contradictory in the afternoon - he canít do that. He needs to debate policy across the shadow cabinet table, not through random press briefings he gives. Starmer and others while clearly thinking along similar lines to TW, donít go as far as contradicting the leader publicly. Itís not the basis for effective governance. There is way to fight your corner in a political party, but through the press is not one of them.

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