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    Facepalms at the ready - its the Euro 2016 COACH SLOGANS

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    Bland meaningless guff ? Corporate bobbins ? Baffling irrelevance ? Yup, you need look no further than the vacuous focus-group generated exclamation-mark festooned slogans daubed on the sides of the Official Coaches of Euro 2016 which will be transporting our heroes from hotel to venue and back. Most will just induce expressions of mild puzzlement, many more an eyeroll. I mean honestly..whats the POINT ?

    Albania - "Its good being Albanian"
    Austria - "Again and again, again and again, again and again, Austria!"
    Hungary - "Ry Ry Hungary"
    Russia - "One for all and all for one!"
    Switzerland - "Go Switzerland! Go Switzerland! Go Switzerland!"
    Turkey - "Turkey will win the cup. Its not over"
    Belgium - "1 team. 1 ambition" (hmmm..familiar)
    Croatia - "New team, old fire, same hope" (just needs an o in that same to be wonderful)
    Czech Republic - "One team = One Goal!" (unlikely to make it out of the group then)
    England - "One Team, One Dream" (zzzz)
    France - "Your muzzeur was a hamster, and your fazzeur smelt of elderberries"
    Germany - "We will make it!"
    Iceland - "Come on Iceland" (at least make an effort)
    R of Ireland - "Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it"
    Italy - "FORZA AZZURI!"
    Northern Ireland - "Dare to dream"
    Poland - "United by football"
    Portugal - "A dream. A passion. 11 million people in the heart. Go Portugal" (extends past the rear toilet)
    Romania - "One team, three colours, and millions of hearts beating for Romania!"
    Slovakia - "One nation, one heart, one dream!" (think some of these were on the same focus groups)
    Spain - "One colour, one passion, we are La Roja!"
    Sweden - "Together for Sweden"
    Ukraine - "Victory starts with a dream"
    Wales - "A dragon shall rise" (till Bale pulls his hammy)

    Modern football
    "But you accept that there is an increased risk of vehicle/bat collision"


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