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    Psychedelia for your soul.

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    Any fans out there?

    What would be be your top 5 bands for a freakfest. Say you had a 10 acres, facilities and funds to book whoever. I'd have to start with a set by The Ozrics - who else could set the mood?

    Now if I could step back in time or at least manipulate the dead from the living I'd give my left nut to experience a set from The Captain and his Magic Band.

    Onwards and upwards people, and where shall we wash our hair now? How about with The Wind.

    Hmmmm. Anyone here heard of these psychonauts before? Check out The Ullulators - for heavens sake. 3 amazingly, lovely, messy albums being re-released soon.

    And so, to finish up. I'd lean towards some hard psych rock, Amon Duul fits the bill for me.

    So how about any of you Psychedelic freaks? Are there any/many of you out there? I hope so because I'd love to here about some more contemporary stuff. As you can see - I'm stuck in the 70's/80's/90's ? ? ?


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