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    Yellow changed to red

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    Apologies for starting yet another The Complete And Utter Shyster thread, but this is the thing that really baffles me. Has anyone got any definite answers to these questions?

    As far as I see it, he produces a yellow and has it in his hand for a while before Ramirez knocks it away and shows him the injury.

    So was Dean:

    a) Influenced by Ramirez and/or the injury?

    If it was this, it is clearly unacceptable. Injuries can be caused by accident. The fact that it looked bad was because Ramirez wasn't wearing proper shin pads. If he was influenced by the player's complaints, that is obviously outrageous.

    b) Informed by the assistant or fourth official that it should be a red?

    CH seems to think it was this. If that's the case, why is it acceptable that an assistant 40 yards away from an incident should make a decision when the ref is much closer, had a clear view and has already decided to book the player? The other option is that Dean *asked* the assistant what his opinion was. Didn't see any evidence of this - and then why produce a card first before consulting him? Normally the ref would talk to the assistant if he wasn't sure and then produce a card.

    c) Always intended it to be red, but chose the wrong card?

    Don't believe this for a minute as he went straight for the yellow and had it in his hand for some time before Ramirez knocked it away.

    I guess the answer will be in the 'referee's report' - which we will never see. I'd love to know what Dean's reason was for changing his mind. It seems he initially didn't even give it as a foul.
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