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    Official NSC Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Sweepstake

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    Yes, yes, I know we're all a bit pre-occupied at the moment, but next Saturday (14th May) will see the 61st Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Stockholm, with the two semi-finals being on Tuesday 10th May and Thursday 12th May. As per NSC tradition, I will be organising a sweepstake for this event, which will work as follows:

    - There will be 42 competing countries, so the first 41 replies to this thread will get a spot.
    - Once the spots are all full, I will complete a random draw to determine who gets which country. Other than the UK entry I haven't heard any of them, nor am I aware of the betting odds, so I have no idea what constitutes a 'good' draw or not.
    - 18 countries compete in each of the Semi Finals, with the top 10 from each qualifying for the Final.
    - Sweden (hosts) and the 'Big 5' of the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany and Italy are automatically in the Final and will not compete in either Semi Final, therefore meaning that the Final will consist of 26 countries.

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