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    Goldson - pure class going to be international defender no doubt

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    I cant believe how we signed Goldson for such a cheap fee, he has shown so much quality, not for just his performances which have been insane but how well and easily he has fitted into our team and i think we have looked better and better as a side since come into.
    But what has impressed me most is he wasnt even making our squad to start and just took it and trained hard (i guess) and didnt complain (maybe learn from this guy Elvis) and even had to have a issue with being abused at a away game and has come out of it a stronger person and he seems very mature as a person and his performances on pitch shows this.
    I think he is going to be a top top defender and if keeps going way is he will play for England no doubt about that. We got very lucky and hopefully have him for many years yet.
    What you guys think ?
    Had to be tough as well on a unlucky debut so didnt have easiest starts to being a Brighton player (but i bet first name on teamsheet nowadays), but seems to get better and better after every game. My player of the year if we signed at beginning of year ( a bit like Bong but younger version)
    Our transfer team this year need a massive bonus at end of season, Bong, Goldson, knockhaert, Murphy, Hemed, Zamora and Kayal all been insane signings, but all others missed have been good the only dodgy one looks Elvis who seems to have wrong attitude to our club, but i like way we took chances on players like Harper and other young players in development squad.
    Our side is in very good hands with these guys.
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