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    Homeless man brought to court after asking for 10p

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    "UNDERCOVER police are being sent out to catch homeless people begging with more than one arrested every week.

    Rough sleepers are being criminalised by Sussex Police operations to arrest and prosecute those living on the streets and desperate for small change.

    The tactics have come under fire by critics who have questioned the “pointless system” that costs the taxpayer thousands of pounds and sees beggars fined hundreds of pounds only to have to go back on the streets.

    In a recent case magistrates questioned the public interest in taking to court a rough sleeper who asked for ten pence in the street.

    He is just one of more than 16 defendants called before Brighton Magistrates’ Court in the past two months. A total of 62 were arrested last year.

    The cases will have cost the public purse more than £16,000."

    Ridiculous waste of money and time

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