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Thread: Cash out?

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    Cash out?

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    Found this on a Leicester forum:

    This is a genuine question. I appreciate that this is going to be my decision but this is starting to eat me up a little and would love some opinions.

    In October I put £5 on Leicester to win the league at 1000/1. It was a bit of fun, speculative, I don't know what it was. Now, many of you will know me from this forum and will know that I am a genuine fan and my primary concern is the writing of history by Leicester. I want them to win the league for that alone, but this bet is another thing. I get married in June, and we do not have a lot of money. Things are tight. I could pay-off my credit card. I could buy my family and friends a drink at the wedding. The cash-out option is currently at £1300. That, to me, is an awful lot of money. And it is mine at the click of a button. I know it was a speculative and 'fun' bet that I never really expected to win, but that money is real. Before the game at the weekend it was £500 - that is also a lot of money but this is starting to get real and it is starting to feel irresponsible not to take it. I really want to let it ride but....

    So if you were this fella, would you cash out or stay involved?
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