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    Someone GRASSED me UP last night

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    I can't BELIEVE how LOW some PEOPLE get, I was just leaving GATWICK last night after the Mid Sussex /Surrey ARS awards NIGHT and I'd just DROVE off and the COPS stopped me and done me for DRINK driving.

    Unbelievable , I'd only had TEN lager tops and a COUPLE of sherries and some BUSYBODY bird GRASSED me UP. How DESPICABLE and if I FIND out who it IS then I am going get REVENGE.

    I'd had a BRILLIANT night there too on the TOP table and I even WON a SAT NAV with LIVE traffic and an 80GB IPOD classic in the RAFFLE.

    I guess I will have to SELL them now to pay my FINE so if anyone wants to make me an OFFER you can REACH out to ME.

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