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    ***WHC IX 2nd round: game 8***

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    The last tie of round two and it is, in my opinion, a corker. Former champ against a beast with a significant and vocal support base.


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    WHC IX performance:

    Group C: 3rd 18 votes(12.59%)

    The cassowary is the only bird in this competition that can hold its own with the big boys. Generally shy it will go mental if fully provoked. Launching a jumping attack on you, it will look to eviscerate you with its five inch long dagger like middle claw. If you are on the receiving end of the attack you'll know all about it as the Cassowaries legs are extremely powerful and the dagger toe is razor sharp.



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    WHC IX performance:

    Group E: 1st 30votes(25.86)

    The Hippo is a former champion who will give anyone a run for their money and is always a threat. If he was smaller he'd have far greater popularity. As it is he is the third largest land mammal on earth-massively built and prodigiously strong- although they are equally happy in water. Despite being mostly herbivorous and not especially territorial they are very, very aggressive and unpredictable beasts. They will attack anything- lions, crocodiles, boats just for the heck of it. Because of this they are not only feared by humans but by all the other animals who co-habit with it. They all give the hippo a wide berth because they know what will happen to them if the hippo is feeling a little grouchy.


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