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  • Leopard

    1 0.94%
  • Human

    13 12.26%
  • Siberian Tiger

    23 21.70%
  • Bullet Ant

    7 6.60%
  • Tarantula Wasp

    8 7.55%
  • Blck Mamba

    7 6.60%
  • Komodo Dragon

    10 9.43%
  • Wolverine

    30 28.30%
  • Inland Taipan

    7 6.60%
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    ***Worlds Hardest Creature IX: Group B***

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    You have one vote. Use it wisely.

    We want to find the hardest creature in the business.

    The competitors:


    Name:  Leopard_BNEEN6_3036645b.jpg
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Size:  87.5 KB

    This is the Leopards debut in the WHC. Cats have never prospered in this competition so what is the Leopard packing to buck that trend? They are agile and stealthy predators who can run at tremendous speed(36mph), can jump 3metres in the air and six metres horizontally, can climb trees, are strong swimmers and have extremely powerful jaws. Is it enough to progress to the knock out stages?


    Name:  6327860e-0ab9-11e4-_733122c.jpg
Views: 392
Size:  55.1 KB

    Possibly the most controversial entrant in the competition. Is the Human truly hard or just clever? It's fair to say in terms of strength the human is one of, if not the, weakest creatures in the tournament. They are also undeniably the most intelligent being able to create all kinds of weapons to give them mastery over the animal kingdom. Also, highly aggressive as shown by their fondness of war.

    Siberian Tiger

    Name:  siberian-tiger-amur-tiger-korean-tiger1-500x350.jpg
Views: 1001
Size:  76.7 KB

    The Siberian Tiger is a regular in the WHC but much to @sir albion's disgust never leaves a lasting impression. It's tough to say why as the Tiger has an impressive arsenal at it's disposal. It is a big, agile monster with powerful claws and ferocious bite. It is a tough bugger who won't back down, it is well reported to attack brown and asian black bears.

    Bullet Ant

    Name:  bullet_ant.jpg
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Size:  55.6 KB

    This little fella gets its name from the sheer pain that its sting gives. It's been compared to that of a bullet and it lasts for up to 24 hours with waves of throbbing, burning and all consuming pain.

    Tarantula Wasp

    Name:  IMG_1311.jpg
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Size:  34.6 KB

    This 5cm long flying hard case gets its name because it hunts Tarantulas. Its long legs have hooked claws so it can latch on and grapple with its victim and it's sting is considered the second most painful in the insect world(behind the bullet ant). The sting paralyses its victim which it then drags to its nest and lays an egg on its abdomen. The hatched larvae then creates a small hole in the tarantulas body and eats its way through its insides(avoiding the major organs so as to keep it alive as long as possible). That's a pretty hard way to begin life.

    Black Mamba

    Name:  maxresdefault.jpg
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Size:  250.6 KB

    The black mamba is a former champion although since its title win its performed pretty mediocrely. Is this the year when it will re-find its mojo? It's a highly aggressive, fast and agile snake with incredibly poisonous venom which can cause death in between 7-15 hours.

    Komodo Dragon

    Name:  Dragon-Komodo-Komodo-Indo-AR-336.jpg
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Size:  777.2 KB

    A regular of the WHC and its early knock out rounds, can the Komodo Dragon get enough momentum to be a genuine title challenger? It is the largest living lizard on Earth and dominates its eco system. It hunts and ambushes its prey and kills them with its allegedly venomous bite.


    Name:  bbd4705279a444a12210c43b36fdf16a.jpg
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Size:  36.9 KB

    This small, heavily muscled beast is a ferocious little animal with strength that is disproportionate to its size. It takes on and kills prey many times its size, it has been reported to take on bears. Basically, they are aggressive, up for a fight with anyone and are terrifically strong.

    Inland Taipan

    Name:  340680409-king-brown-snake-inland-taipan-tail-poisonous.jpg
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Size:  38.5 KB

    The Inland Taipan is the worlds most venomous snake, one bite possesses enough venom to kill 100 fully grown adult humans and can kill in as short a time as 30-45 minutes. Though naturally shy it will defend itself when, don't get into a fight with one.


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