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    Hull City yellow card on Saturday - can you help?

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    It now seems an eternity ago, but back in September I started a thread that would track how many opponents were booked for fouling Kazenga LuaLua. Of course, being the Albion jinx that I am, he then proceeded to miss the next seventeen games due to injury. However, he is now back and ready to terrorize Championship defences once again (well, at least until he picks up a two-match suspension for 10 yellow cards - only 4 cautions to go Kaz).

    But, to get to the point - Andy Robertson was booked for Hull on Saturday. The BBC text commentary suggests it was virtually the last action of the match (20 seconds after Crofts hit the bar), and the stats section of Andy Naylor's Albion Analysis in the Argus today confirms that it was for a foul. But who did he foul?

    Does anyone who was in the ground remember, or can you point me to an online source that has the answer?
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    Which is why you are my favourite poster on NSC. Accurate and up to date Albion facts, unadorned, and succinctly put. Use that as your next strapline
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    I love AZ's posts. So many ITK dicks on here, but he just posts FACT.


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