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    Android TV box help.

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    I'm thinking of getting one of these and was wondering if anyone out there can advise me. I've been researching and shopping around on the internet and I find that there are loads of these tv boxes that vary in price from as little as £25 up to over £100. I've read reviews and the MINIX Neo X8-H Plus seems to come out on top at £99, but you just get the box with very little pre-loaded on it. There are others on eBay for about £50 which are jailbroken, preloaded with tonnes of apps and software and free accessories thrown in, but I've also read that there are a lot of fake clones and that the hardware isn't what it says in the description. Now I don't know whether there are any genuinely good boxes for around £50 that work well without any lag or buffering, or whether I should just go for the highly rated £99 box? Does anyone have one? Can you tell me what you've got, what you paid for it, and how well it performs? And most important of all, can you get free footy on it? thanks.


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