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    Seagulls & Hawks

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    Can they co-habit? This season just keeps giving me a buzz from following both! I have no problem with either apart from the looming expense. I certainly enjoy the contrast of quality which speaks for itself. They both represent Brighton which can't be bad thing albeit the Albion are in a different league altogether. The 'right on' crowd of the Hawks make for an antidote to the corporate nature of the Amex. The Enclosed ground brings back fond memories of the Withdean, especially the promotion season, given most of the seating is the same! The buzz of barely hidden expected promotion for the Albion is a joy to behold after years of frustration combined with whiff of success for the Hawks makes for good times to be enjoyed!
    Moi waits to be shot down in typical NSC style having counted too many chickens of success for both clubs!


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