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    Disabled tickets

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    Tried to get a disabled ticked for Nigel The Bushfire Erskine yesterday as I had promised him the Charlton match and although I and many of his other friends have booked up in advance before for a wheelchair and carer spot they now won't allow us to do it on the phone. We need to send proof he is on DLA with a special card from the benefits office or get his doctor to wrote a letter to one of us for a charge after we have sent in permission from his key worker/social worker with certain info. Phoned her and she is on annual leave and doesn't ring back so either way without Court of Protection help ..... Nige doesn't get to see the Albion.

    Do they really think he is faking his massive stroke. Spent 3 hrs yesterday going round the houses and I will get it sorted eventually obvious (he's a Seagull) but must admit I don't know why the club have done this.

    Ranting I know but I was so fecking wound up yesterday.
    now my friends have gone,
    and my hair is grey,
    and I ache in the places that I used to play.


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