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    Having touched on the subject in the Sean Dyche thread, I thought I'd see what others opinions are. They are becoming celebs almost these days!
    Working away I get my football fix from podcasts; Football Weekly, 5 live football daily (love the Monday Night Club especially), The Game, Sunday Supplement. Of course Albion Roar.

    I really enjoy listening to most, obviously the 2 appearing at the Albion Roar live stand out, no bias.
    I like the Greek fella on Sunday Supplement, Anthony (sorry, forgot his last name). Love his input.
    Amy Lawrence is good, like I say, nearly all of them are good to listen to.

    BUT....Rory K Smith, total K nob.
    Matthew Syed.........aaaaaaagh, please, Get Him in the Sea!

    Who do you like / not like so much?
    Tiptoe, through the North Stand,
    Wiv yer boots on......


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