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    *MASSIVE team NEWS for tomorrow & BANG latest SCOOP*

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    It has BEAN a BUSY old WEAK for me, FIRSTLY the ARS were in FOOL attendance at Sheffield Wednesday but apart from an INCIDENT in the Wetherspoons NO action occurred just like the GAME. Last night of COARSE was the ARS Annual Bonfire and I had CREATED a MASSIVE paper MASHY effigy of Dick Tight ROGERING a DEAD pigs HEAD as the centrepiece and WE all BURNT £10 Monopoly money as a SYMBOL of the 1983 FA Cup Final CASH.

    Now EVERYONE knows that MK Dons are my SECOND favourite TEAM and I have planned something SPECIAL for tomorrow, I am not WEARING a HALF Half shirt like I did with the Arsenal GAME but I have CREATED a HALF Half kit, shirt, SHORTS, socks and EVEN a HALF half BOBBLE hat. Just so I don't CAUSE a FENCE I shall paint my head RED apart from my NOSE which will be BLACK making sure the POPPY police don't get on my BACK. I have EMAILED the lap dog BARBER asking to be allowed to WALK out holding Hughton and Karl Robinson's HANDS in a GESTURE of friendship and ACKNOWLEDGE everything they've been through in their STRUGGLES. I have EVEN got ATILLA to write a POEM for tomorrow and I have heard he is even WEARING a half HALF BERET to welcome MK Dons SUPPORTERS, what a TOP man he is.

    To be honest I'm so EXCITED about tomorrow I couldn't EAT all my FULL English and when my SAUCE turned up BREATHLESS with EXCITEMENT I allowed him to FINISH my SAUSAGE off before he told me the MASSIVE news. BANG is still OUT and it doesn't LOOK like he will play anytime SOON and apparently INDIGO hurt his WRIST when he PULLED Bang off but it won't STOP him playing or EVEN being the team CREEP who BROWN noses Hughton and Barbers every chance he GETS.

    With that my SAUCE disappeared into the THRONGING masses of George ST and I was so EXCITED about tomorrow I didn't NOTICE that my SAUCE had got HOLD of my Black PUDDING and a MUSHROOM too before he SCARPERED.

    I quickly left the CLIFTONVILLE so I could get home and GET everything ready for TOMORROW.

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