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Thread: Wilbraham

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    What a monumentally DISMAL excuse for a footballer he is. And also a snidey, elbow-y, Palace-tainted waste of space. About as mobile as a fitted wardrobe and with the turning circle of the Ark Royal. How on EARTH has he got a contract with a Championship club?

    That moment when he hurled his graceless frame to the turf in "pain" before cynically punting the consequent drop-ball (that we had previously been in possession of) down to near the corner flag for a throw-in in a position of significant disadvantage...all I can say is, you reap what you sow, Wilbraham, and that rejected penalty/ yellow for Freeman later on was karma coming back to bite you seriously hard.

    The lady has foolishly attempted to join the conversation with a wild and dangerous opinion of her own. What half-baked drivel! See how the men look at her with utter contempt.


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