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Thread: REMF Updates

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    REMF Updates

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    As you know we have had quite a lot going on the past couple of months and it's probably about time an update was done!
    Let's start at the beginning....

    Jacobs REMF Memorial Walk
    As you know this was put together as a result of the Shoreham Air Tragedy. Jacob, who had played in the REMF football team, tragically lost his life along with his team mate Matt. Some of you came with us and attended the walk, and the rest of you would of heard about it at the Amex.
    The whole thing was a great success and at present we still have money coming in.
    Tomorrow sees the donation going to the Worthing United Youth FC at their new ground. All are welcome to come and attend. It is taking place at the Rotary Recreation Ground, just off Hill Barn Lane.
    The figure handed over will be in excess of £19000!
    Thank you to everyone that has made this possible and donated. Without you, it couldn't of happened and been such a success.

    Coaching for Hope
    In the past the REMF have donated to CFH. Using football, this organisation goes to West and South Africa and trains young people to give them the skills to better themselves.
    More can be found on their website here.
    Recently we have been in touch again and have agreed to make a £5000 donation towards their cause. They will be receiving this donation sometime this month
    When you start reading about what they do and the problems they face, it makes you realise just how lucky we are!

    Sutton Eagles FC
    Every year we have our REMF match, Brighton v Palace supporters. Every year Palace take the time to organise and attend this match and they always give it 110%.
    We felt that this year we should give something back to the Palace boys. The last donation that we made was back in 2012. So it has been agreed that this year we will be donating £5000 to the Sutton Eagles to help disabled children play football and grow in confidence.
    I hope that you will all agree that this is a brilliant fund and completely well deserved.

    We also have one or two other things in the pipeline but at present can't say too much!

    I think that's everything for the time being and apologies that it's been a while for an update.



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