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Thread: Nigel Adkins

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    Nigel Adkins

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    I used to dislike the man, and even more so with his "keep up" comments said in an interview in our last season at Withdean. Granted he does talk the managerial talk, with clichy phrases and buzzwords, but there is something about him I admire.
    His rise from player to physio to manager is quite a personal achievement, it must be said. I've just watched a video of him on YouTube, and I must say despite THAT comment, which I'm sure was said in jest, and to big up some hype, I have now warmed to him.
    Even looking at his managerial record, despite having a bad run with Reading, he's pretty much ticked every box with every other club he's been at. His stats are quite impressive.
    Why is he not managing at a higher level than League One?
    I wonder if we looked at him before Hughtons appointment ?
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