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Thread: Bobbys Song

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    Bobbys Song

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    The old song needs updating with a bit of nostalgia.
    Please post sensible suggestions here and then maybe out of the most popular we can have a poll. Then all agree on the song.
    Mods please stop this thread after 5 pages and add the 3 songs with the most likes to a poll in time for Friday.
    Bobbys back so anything is possible.

    Here's my effort:

    When the ball hits the net like a flying (F'ing) Rocket
    It's Zamora
    There's a cross and its in, it's not Costa again
    It's Zamora
    like two thousand and one, he is second to none
    It's Zamora
    & we got him in free coz he didn't wanna leave its Zamora!!


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