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    Lewes CFC Fanzine - Knickers To 'Em

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    Dear all,

    Some of you may have had a paper version of the latest Lewes CFC fanzine thrust upon you on Saturday (willingly or not). For those who did not recieve a copy, please find a link below which you are welcome to download, enjoy at your persual or dismiss as a load of old rubbish. It does make handy bog roll if you're caught short.

    Includes a classic article from 2009 about our then manager Kevin Keehan signing Albion legend Peter Ward.

    The fanzine is on its 14th issue and has been running for seven years. 400 copies were given away free of charge on Saturday and it's a vehicle for gossip, humour and is commonly known as The One Joke Rag. Email [email protected] if you wish to join our mailing list for future issues, completely free of charge!

    Kind regards.
    Chris and Chris
    'The Christians'


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