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    Euro 2016 tickets

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    I applied for a bunch- anyone else?

    Apparently the ballots for the allocation of tickets starts tomorrow- 1.2 million will be dished out, with a second application phase in December for another 800,000 tickets. I guess these second lot will be to apply for on a team basis rather than match by match as qualification will be sorted by then.

    This Euros could be the best international tournament to try to get to for the foreseeable future, with the World Cup going to Russia and Qatar next, and Euro 2020 being held in multiple countries, albeit with the semis and final at Wembley..
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      A group of 4 of us submitted 3 applications for 4 tickets per match for 12 matches. In effect 36 match applications. We're hoping to get about 6 sets of 4 tickets. It's a bit of a risky strategy in case we end up getting 3 sets of 4 tickets for the same match. But I reckon we will be able to unload once the draw is made in December.
      The idea is to go on a two week road trip watching random qualifying games on a planned route from north-east to south-east, to south-west and then back to the north-east.
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      Sounds like a great plan, fingers crossed you guys end up with some tickets.

      Me and a mate applied for all the games from quarter finals onwards plus a couple of last 16 games in Paris. I read that 11 million tickets were applied for so an average 1 in 11 chance of tickets but probably much lower odds for the more popular games (e.g. The final)

      I read somewhere that you can sell on any tickets you cant use via a uefa website but there might be a 10% fee.
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