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    Sussex fa at culver are waiting for planning to put 4g in,its about making money which is a no brainer,but will players want to play on it week after week,studies show your more injury prone
    Here's the study I read, which seems to suggest there's no evidence to say players are more lkely to be injured playing on artificial pitches:

    Comparison of injuries sustained on artificial turf and grass by male 12 and female elite football players Author(s) Ekstrand, J., Hägglund , M. & Fuller , C.W. Year 2011 Journal Scandanavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, 21(6); 824-832. The authors compared incidences and patterns of injury for female and male elite teams when playing football on artificial turf and grass. 20 teams playing home matches on 3G pitches were followed over time. Risk of injury risk from playing on 3G was compared with playing on grass. Results showed there were no significant differences in the nature of overuse injuries recorded on artificial turf and grass for either men or women. Similarly, the rate of acute injuries did not differ significantly between artificial turf and grass, for men or women. During matches, men were less likely to sustain a quadriceps strain and more likely to sustain an ankle sprain on artificial turf.


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