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    Religious promotion in schools

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    My son happened to mention to me yesterday evening that in year 8 assembly yesterday every child was given a Bible. Apparently a nice man from Gideon was giving them out.

    Now, I have an issue with this on a number of levels;

    1. Why the Bible and not The Koran or Torah?

    2. Who gives them the right to hand out religious 'propoganda' of any flavour to 13 year old children anyway?

    3. Where was the consulatation with the parents? I am aware that there are some children, who because their parents are Jehova's Witnesses have opt outs for all sorts of things, but why has the school allowed this without any discussion?

    I've read that this is a big thing in the US, particularly the Bible belt states, but I never thought it would happen here.

    I might contact them to see if I could hand out some satanism leaflets, or some of Richard Dawkins' or Sam Harris' books in the school and see what reaction I get.

    It's parents' evening tomorrow - I think I might have a word.

    By the way - my son said he left his copy behind

    What's the view of NSC?

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