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    jay d n coke
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    why Bournemouth wont get promoted !

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    Im one of those people that never wins bets. If i put a bet on chelsea to beat bradford at home, then because ive bet on it bradford would win. This happens week in week out on my accumulaters aswel. The law on chance sais i should pick up a win at some point, but i never do. Im just unlucky.

    so on monday , im going to put as much money i can afford on Bournemouth winning against bolton on monday night. This will ensure that Bournemouth lose the game.

    if you are like me, jeluse of the fact Bournemouth are getting to the promise land before us, and you also are very unlucky at betting, then i call on you to do the same thing.
    together we can stop this happening....

    if we fail then we finally break duck , and win a bet..
    Don't even bother, it really doesn't matter


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