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    I'm trying to organise the music for my father-in-laws funeral. As he was a motor racing driver in the 50's, the family have asked for the BBC Grand Prix theme music to be played as the curtains draw (it's a cremation). We don't want to have the whole of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac as the lyrics before it gets to the Grand Prix music aren't really appropriate.

    However, we are not allowed to download and use the BBC Grand Prix theme music, as that is owned by The Beeb and protected by copyright or pubic performance law or something stupid, so I suggested well can you then play The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, but with the volume at 0 up to the point where the Grand Prix piece starts, and apparently that is fine.

    Completely bonkers. Same piece of music, by the same band, but we can't have just the bit we want. :
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