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    Kill joy council candidate wants to ban charity waterslide

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    MORE THAN 2,000 people are vying for a chance to slide through the city on a giant water slide – but not everyone has welcomed the charity stunt.

    News that the 100 metre long RNLI Slipway Slide would be in Edward Street in Brighton has created huge interest with applications six times oversubscribed after less than a week.

    But some have questioned the rides’ position on the busy road and called for it to be moved elsewhere.

    Organisers say sloping Edward Street is the best choice because it is already partly closed by roadworks.

    Some 360 lucky participants will get the chance to slide down the RNLI’s waterslide on March 21 when most normal people will be at Blackburn away.

    A similar slide in Bristol last May saw 100,000 people compete for 360 places.

    Mr Morris said: “The businesses have already been so harmed by the Edward Street works. They have lost so much money.

    “I think the idea is absolutely wonderful, I'm into watersports myself and the RNLI are one of the charities I give to every year but I think it’s wrong for residents and businesses so soon after the works are supposed to be finished or might even still be going on.

    “Edward Street is the obvious choice but it would be better for the community if it doesn’t happen just after all this disruption.”

    Tim Robertson, RNLI innovation manager, said organisers had considered other roads but needed somewhere central with a 10-15% slope.

    He said: “We did look at using Dukes Mound, but the slope was marginal, there's too much jizz everywhere and the position too out of town.

    “Edward Street was already closed for roadworks and so by utilising an existing street closure, we were able to minimise disruption to residents.”

    The ballot for the waterslide is open until March 11.

    Entrants aged 18 or over should text SLIDE plus their first and last name to 82727 with texts costing £1.50.

    For terms and conditions visit

    Labour’s city council candidate for Queen’s Park Adrian Morris suggested the slide could be moved to avoid more disruption to Edward Street, which has had roadworks since November 2013.

    The road would be closed between 11am and 4pm for the slide event.
    We'll never get the WSU waterslide at this rate


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