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    Hi everyone,

    My friend Clyde (admin on “Royals Rendezvous”) is petitioning the FA and Premier League to require Premier League club to offer fans free away travel to matches - before hopefully expanding to the Football League and cup competitions. The main aim is that the increased TV money isn't spent on player's wages.

    See here

    Recently, the Premier League announced a new television deal showing an increase of 71% on the previous deal. With this massive increase in revenue for the clubs - they should be able to offer away fans free travel to away matches without increasing ticket prices.

    Ticket prices are already too high and put people off travelling to the games. Including the travel with the match ticket would enable more people to be able to travel to matches - especially younger people, who may not be able to travel to matches otherwise.

    In Germany, away travel is included as part of the match ticket - and is subsidised by the clubs.

    Some Premier League clubs, such as Stoke City, have already implemented a free away travel scheme for their supporters. Stoke started the scheme for the 2013-14 season and saw a 26% increase on away attendances for like-for-like matches when compared to the previous season. This shows how well this can work. Additionally, the increased away ticket money would offset the cost of the transport to the games.

    The Premier League should force clubs to offer free away travel - as part of the rules of the league. This could, later, be expanded for Premier League sides playing in the FA and League Cups, as well as Championship sides.

    Please take a second out and give a hand … Royals Rendezvous - a specialist & friendly Reading FC forum
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