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    Hove, actually

    Hog Roast ? Where does NSC recommend I get one

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    My daughter is getting married
    On Cup Final day

    She is looking to hire/buy a Hog Roast for the reception where the people running it come out and do all the business
    Thie reception is somewhere out near Lewes and she wondered if I had any ideas?

    Nope. No Clue.

    But I told her someone on NSC will know where the best place to go is.
    Coz the people on NSC know absolutely bloody everything

    So, come on, don't let me down

    Your recommendations please
    I have not forgiven Lewes Council, or DeVeggie, or Archer, or Bellotti, or Stanley, or Bailey, or Whiteside, or Challis, or Saints and Spurs for that 0-0 in 1978.
    I don't get over things and I don't move on easily. OK?


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