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    Why not buy a share in a football club.

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    It seems most of the talk on here is of the Championship, the Premier League, or La Liga, or Serie A, or the Bundesliga, etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda. But clearly, the most exciting league around is the Ryman Premier Division, the southern based 7th tier of the English football tetrahedron. Last year, Wealdstone (of “Wealdstone Raider” infamy) were triumphant, and the year before that the champions were Whitehawk (the team who’ve “got no fans”). Additionally, who can forget the 2007-08 Chelmsford City team who stormed to the title? Who, I ask you?

    But the real action is at the bottom, or 6th from bottom to be exact, where the mighty Lewes FC (affectionately known as “The Rooks”) reside, scrapping with the likes of AFC Hornchurch and VCD Athletic for survival in this esteemed division. Lewes were formed in 1885, making Liverpool and Newcastle relative babies (1892? Pffftt), and have played in the same deluxe sporting “stadium” ever since: the wonderfully named “Dripping Pan” (capacity 3,000). This ground (sometimes referred to as the “Pan Siro”) is possibly the finest ground in the land, with beach huts instead of VIP boxes (not a joke) and a Portakabin for a board room (the “Board-akabin”). The hallowed turf has seen a whole host of stars turn out for the Rooks over the years, including Jason Puncheon of Crystal Palace and shitting-himself fame, Russell Martin of Scotland and Norwich, and Rufus Brevett- who had awesome hair.

    However in 2010, it looked like it was all over, with the club 24 hours from ceasing to exist due to financial issues. But the club was saved by a group of fans, and is now a community club owned by the supporters and run by the supporters. And here I get to my point. Are you fed up of the wealthy owners out of touch with the fan base, sucking the passion out of your team? Would you like to own your own football club?

    It costs a measly £30 to be a shareholder of Lewes FC. Thirty quid to be able to say “I am an owner of a football team”. You even get a badge and a weekly e-newsletter in addition to your share certificate! I imagine if you were on the fence before then you have been firmly tipped over now.

    I realise that no-one has probably even read this far, but if you have then I both thank you and commend you for indulging in my waffling. If by some miracle my humble words have managed to persuade you to join me as an owner of this wonderful club, simply go here and prove yourself to be a truly awesome person.

    As well as me you would be joining such illustrious names as Steve Coogan, Nigella Lawson and the bloke who does the voiceover on Come Dine With Me! Get your name on the list and be part of something special!

    Full list of owners is here

    P.S. we currently have two brothers playing for us with the surname Crabb- allowing the opportunity to chant “We’ve got Crabbs! We’ve got Crabbs!”- although this hasn’t caught on yet, for some reason


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