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    ***Worlds Hardest Creature VIII: QUARTER FINAL THREE***

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    You have 24 hours. This is a massive-literally and figuratively- match up. Five finals and a WHC title between them. Only one can progress.

    The Combatants:

    Saltwater Crocodile
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    Group stage: 2nd Group A
    2nd Round: Defeated Blue Ringed Octopus

    The first of two WHC greats in this quarter final. Has never failed to reach at least the semi finals, making the final on three separate occasions. The Crocodile is an immense killing machine with many varied strings to its WHC bow. First up its attack. It can take its victims on land or in water. When it does it smashes its huge powerhouse jaws down upon its victim. Those jaws possess the highest bite force per square inch of any animal alive. Its even more powerful than the best estimates for that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. T-Rex the dinosaur. Talkig of dinosaurs, they used to share the earth with Crocodiles until things got too difficult and they succumbed to nature. The crocs just carried on. What else does the croc bring to the party? Well, its got the death roll. Once it gets its victim within its jaws it drags it to the water and begins the death roll. Its the only beast in the competition to have its own specially named killing move. Then there's the fact that the croc can take a beating. It can lose a limb or even its tail and it will still carry on killing.
    Is it enough to see off a former chmpion? NSC, its up to you to decide.


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Name:	orca_attacking_gray_whale_brandon_cole.jpg 
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    Group Stage: 1st Group B
    2nd Round: Defeated Black Mamba

    The second legend in this quarter final, the Orca is a two time finalist and former winner. He's got as tough a match up as you can imagine here but he won't be intimidated as he's already seen off a former champion in the knock out stages. Nothing fazes the daddy of the sea. Highly intelligent the Orca has devised a number of ways-depending on the situation- in which to kill its victim. These methods include including headbutting, throwing their victim in the air, hitting it with their incredibly powerful tail, breaching and landing on them. They have even been known to beach themselves temporarily to get at their victims, they also occasionally hunt terrestrial animals and its been speculated(based on the contents of their stomachs) that they cannibalise other Orcas. Is it enough to defeat the crocodile? We'll know in 24 hours.


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