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Well the punishment didn't work.

This post is not very amusing either
Just for total transparency...

He edited another user's post within the "reply with quote" function to read " Thanks for your Palace input. Are you a bit of a queer boy?"

This post, part of a sequence of such posts, increasing in unacceptability, was unsurprisingly reported by more than one user.

For this post, he garnered a 3 day ban, which was communicated to him along with the following explanation: "Making another user appear homophobic isn't remotely amusing to the majority of users" attached to the offending post, so that he could see the explanation and the post to which the explanation referred.

So, his assertion that he had "...not the faintest idea what they were referring to..." is patently untrue.

This individual was a troll, and an unpleasant one at that. Good riddance.