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    Help needed - Sunday league team for my son (turning 12 in March) so currently u12

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    My Son is currently 11 and attends the AITC invitation sessions weekly at Blatch Mill. So he is decent but not a World beater, and needs some regular matches in the Brighton / Hove area. We are newish to the area so haven't found anywhere yet.

    We are looking for a team for him starting next season. I know this could be very early to ask but not sure when the season starts (assume Sept) or when any 'trials' or whatever is required are held. (might vary by team) When we tried a couple last year we were underwhelmed by the welcome. From what i understand quite a lot of teams are over subscribed so arriving and expecting a regular game is perhaps unfair on those who have been long term supporters of the club.

    Anyway, anyone who is involved with a club, and has space for another, please get in touch.....Thanks!
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