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    Peterborough chairman in 'player rant' on Twitter

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    Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony has criticised his players on social media following Saturday's 2-0 defeat by Colchester.

    The Irishman gave 11 reasons why his players had annoyed him during a loss which left Posh 11th in League One.

    MacAnthony's list of grievances was:
    "...that it's always the manager who is held responsible when a team of players fold like a stack of cards when the going gets tough!"
    "... that our team can play with that kind of tempo/intensity for first 25 minutes, then follow that up with the 65 minutes we all witnessed!"
    "... that a player of Joe Newell's ability can miss an open goal from five yards out early on. He should be scoring 10/15 a season."
    "...that a striker I paid half a million for, minutes before Colchester score, scuffs great chance eight yards out with nobody near him."
    "... that Bossie [midfielder Michael Bostwick] allows their top scorer to get in front of him to tap in their first goal, shouldn't happen!"
    "... that our centre back runs 50 yards to edge of opposition's box, doesn't pass or shoot but loses ball & they go other end and score."
    "... that both our full-backs who had plenty of the ball couldn't deliver any crosses of any merit or quality or with urgency."
    "...that we had a ref who cost us Crewe game because of incorrect decision was given us again, then sent manager off and many yellows today!"
    "... that as going has got tough many thousands of fans have bit like our players, have folded and taken their ball and gone home!"
    "...Tomorrow I'll still pay the bills & next Saturday will pay thousands to watch my team play & hopefully win."
    "... that our goalkeeper [Ben Alnwick] had three shots to save all game but we conceded two goals!"

    Tinpot or a breath of fresh air hearing a chairman talk this way? NSC decides
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