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    Memorable football dreams you've played a part in

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    Seeing Bozza's football dream made me think about football dreams I've appeared in.

    Like when I was playing for England, got a fantastic through ball to run onto, just the advancing goalie to beat, got a great back lift and bringing my foot down on the ball hit a thunderous shot which was always going to break the back of the net ....... except I'd woken up and just stubbed my toe really painfully on the nearby wardrobe!

    So what's your best memories of football dreams you've played some part in?

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      A recurring dream I used to have was me playing for The Albion at the Goldstone.

      We have a corner from the north east, and I hang around about 30 yards out waiting for a headed clearance. Said clearance duly comes, and I catch it on the volley, sweet as a nut with my right boot and larrup it into the top corner. I don't celebrate, I just walk towards the East terrace and wave to my old man and brother.
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      I had a dream, that Gus had put me on the bench for a game at the Amex due to some virus going around the squad, he turned to me on 70 mins and pulled me up by the arm and said, "get out there and change the game" i ran onto the pitch bursting with emotion and excitement, before quickly realizing that i had no idea what position to go to and where the f*%k to stand!

      Also quickly remembered that i was utterly useless as a footballer and ran down the tunnel!


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