I'm buzzing. Couple of great away games. A great comeback Boxing Day, a trip to Charlton in a few days which is always enjoyable and to top it off, a home tie against Arsenal.

And yet two threads on here today are just full of moans.

It's a shame to those who can't make the Sunday 4pm kick off. I'm sure to most it's no real hardship, does not affect younger kids with school and for the lucky majority makes no odds if they don't work weekends. With the extra money the club will earn for the TV money it's super news.

And the chap who's only real gripe was the timing of his Sunday lunch..........

Now the pricing. £32 for a game against Arsenal including travel in our amazing ground on our lovely seats with an excellent view is excellent value. You will pay the same to watch Forest and any other category a teams this year. This game will sell out.

Yes., it's more per game than it is with a season ticket, but then that just goes to show what value our ST's are (yet many moan about these too).

The 3000 who travelled to Fulham or will to Charlton this weekend who paid £32 and £28 for a hard plastic chair with very very basic facilities (and no travel) will not be those who are moaning, nor will it be those who have spent mid £30's at Elland Road or Portman Road this season.

The fact we have gone on a mini run and got a great tie in the 4th round means the moaners need to find a new focus.

It was inevitable they would find fault with the price or the day on which we played.

Maybe these should see what it really costs to travel and see just what you can get for £25 (the price many suggested we should charge for Arsenal) by making the effort to get their bums to Bloomfield Road in a few weeks !

We've not had the best half season but things are looking up. I know you moaners need something to moan about and with the oil price tanking you cant even moan about petrol prices. To you lot, switch On the news. There is a helluva lot out there that needs a moan. Right now, the price of a ticket to see your team play Arsenal nor the fact it's on a Sunday should not be one of them.