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    Where is the ambition?

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    What I find the most frustrating at the moment is the burying of heads in the sand by so called die hard fans. 'Our luck will change' is a running theme - well I'm a firm believer that you make your own luck and there is no such thing as bad luck - ask Dave Brailsford of British Cycling about his view on this and he'll tell you it's all about the details - making marginal gains. The wolves result is not a marginal gain. How can we now celebrate a result that saw us give a lead away against a side on a bad run that we have tended to get results from in the past? So now we call this typically poor result a good result because we didn't lose?
    We have a stadium and training facilities that most teams and fans would sell their mothers for... Why the £&£$ are we accepting this dire situation as acceptable? We have (maybe had) a chance to get up to the top and be a team to be proud of. Has Hyypia raised the ambition of the club - No... Our ambition now is to stop the rot and stay up. What a poor state if affairs after pushing for promotion for two seasons.
    Hyypia needs to win each game not draw them - so perhaps now we can get a statement from him to say he'll walk if we don't win - not merely not lose.

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      Personally I am accepting it as this seems to be the opinion of the majority shareholder in the club.

      We would not have what we do now without him so therefore it is clearly his decision to persevere and perhaps accept losing so many managers in a short period of time is costing us severely.
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      Some of us have been saying this for months, alas I think it's largely irrelevant now as it looks like we're sticking with Sami despite 1 win in 16. As I said on another thread, lets just hope there is a contingency plan for getting relegated, perhaps lowering ticket prices to attract more fans to go to games? Oh no wait Barber is in charge.
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      Could not agree more.Ok so Wolves was an improvement on Millwall,but its just going from a shit performance to a not quite so shiitty one.All been said before endllessly but reality is we are sinking fast and action is needed.At the moment team selection looks like moving the deckchairs on the Titanic and we are sinking just as fast.

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