I've been reflecting on the opening run of games; the lack of luck, the lack of tactical cohesion, the lack of those things errmmmm oh yeah goals, yes that's it goals. Anyway, I'm not suggesting nor proclaiming the bell is a tolling the tune of managerial change time blues, but... hmmm where was I going with this?!? yep it's fight, I think the fight went on Saturday and what I've digested from fellow customers or perhaps supporters ;/ is reflected in the troubled souls of one and all.

If indeed the fight has gone, if the players don't believe... well I predict two more defeats and a hellish helter skelter ride to the bottom three, with a 'landing' area of Disney style characterised broken glass sporting crooked, sadistic grins awaiting to tear our collective asses asunder as we slide towards the gates of hades. You won’t read that in the Argus!

I rather get the feeling we're headed towards a Gritt or Slade saviour year... I just hope if indeed the 'fight' has gone out, our chairman can see it too and make that painful and saddening change soon enough to secure our place in this land of 'champions.'

I could be wrong and yes it's early days on this voyage, but much akin to a crew aboard a rudderless ship, atop a stormy sea... I've got that sinking feeling...