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    *BANNED from NSC for having the WRONG political VIEWS*

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    Last Saturday I was engaged in a discussion over the boxing when a page came up telling me I had been banned from NSC for making libellous comments, on contacting a mod it seemed one of the mods had taken exception to a comment I had made in the William Hague thread and had banned me. Not withstanding that the comment I had made has been in the public domain for 4 years and in various newspapers and has never been thought of as anything but true, one mod not being able to take criticism of his beloved Conservative party banned me.

    I had a PM which read that I received a 'Major Infraction' for not sticking to the 'fact's and this was used to ban me.

    So it seems now that anyone on NSC who doesn't stick to the 'FACTS' will be banned or will it be anyone who has differing political views to the mod concerned will be banned if he doesn't like the posts you make.

    Maybe it would be simpler to ban all political discussions on NSC rather than bully me for not having the correct views ?

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