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    I don't know if anyone is interested, but KOKOMO are playing in Chichester on Sat 13 & Sun 14 Dec. (Relatively) intimate concert. Venue capacity is 90. There will probably be more people on the stage than in the audience. It appears that Mel Collins will be in the band. It's unlikely that any of us don't have an album that he features on. From WIKIPEDIA:-

    Collins has worked with a large number of notable recording artists,[1] including 10cc, Alexis Korner, Clannad, Eric Clapton, Bad Company, Dire Straits, Bryan Ferry, Roger Chapman, Marianne Faithfull, The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters[2] Gerry Rafferty, Tears For Fears, Go West and Joan Armatrading.

    He was a member of progressive rock bands King Crimson, Camel, Caravan and The Alan Parsons Project. For King Crimson he was Ian McDonald's replacement, playing the same instruments as McDonald on the Lizard, Islands and Earthbound albums,[clarification needed] and was a session musician on the In the Wake of Poseidon and Red albums. He played on the Crimson Jazz Trio's second album, The King Crimson Songbook, Volume Two, released in 2009.

    Collins played the saxophone solo on The Rolling Stones 1978 single, "Miss You",[3] and played with Dire Straits on their live album, Alchemy. He was one of the members of Kokomo with Tony O'Malley, Neil Hubbard, Paddy McHugh, Frank Collins, Dyan Birch, and Alan Spenner, and is a frequent performer with Tony O'Malley.

    Also, Neil Hubbard (guitar) has appeared with Roxy Music, The Grease Band, Joe Cocker, Juicy Lucy and B.B. King.


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