There could be no more fitting venue for one of Albion's nippy little frontrunners to get back on the scoresheet tonight.
A goal at Burton for Adrian Colunga, Joao*Teixeira or even Craig Mackail-Smith would be the perfect way to mark the 40th anniversary season of perhaps the Seagulls' greatest ever signing.
The two Albions lock horns for the first time when they clash in the Capital One Cup.
And the man who offers by far the most significant link between the clubs - former striker Peter Ward - will be keeping tabs from his home in Florida.
Ward was a wanted man at the Goldstone Ground throughout the 1974-75 campaign as he banged in Southern League goals for Burton.
He eventually signed for £5,000 at the end of the season.
Four decades on, the Seagulls would love to get the same sort of return from one of their summer recruits as that produced by Ward, who netted 95 times for them.
"When the draw first came out I was thinking of coming over but I can't really spare the time," Ward, who works as a football coach, told The Argus.
"Burton started my career. It was the first time I had been paid to play football.
"I was just playing local football, although at a good level, and then Burton signed me.
"It was semi-pro and I scored 26 goals which was pretty good.
"I was in the reserves which I already thought was great. But I was put in the team against Grantham in some cup or other alongside Ian Storey-Moore and got a hat-trick. It went from there.
"I wasn't from Burton itself but I suppose I've got a soft spot for them.
"I've followed their scores since they got in the Football League. And, of course, I follow Brighton closely."
He added: "I would have liked to have seen Burton's new stadium as well.
"I played at the old place. What was it like? Well it was old!
"But it was quite nice and they got a good crowd in."
Ward did not have too much idea about the tug of war going on between the Albions during that goal-laden season at Burton.
He said: "I was supposed to go to Brighton near Christmas time but it took until the end of the season.
"I've no idea why it dragged on. Probably to do with the fee.
"I went for £5,000 but I'm sure Burton wanted more."
Ward has not come over to the Amex since the change of manager in the summer but has kept up to date with events.
He made his name as a little man playing off big Ian 'Spider' Mellor in a deadly double act.
But, as Albion plot a return to the goal trail, he says two or three smaller players can work together.
Ward is 5ft 7ins, the same height as Sam Baldock, who is cup tied tonight.
He said: "When I first went to Nottingham Forest I played up front with Ian Wallace and he wasn't that big.
"I don't think it matters unless you want to lump the ball, which Brighton don't.
"It just so happened that, when I got to Brighton, Spider was there and we hit it off.
"But it doesn't have to be little and large if you're playing good football.
"And I know Brighton like to play good football."

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